Intro[edit | edit source]

If you have never played multiplayer Minecraft before, the way to interact with others and the server is by using the chat box.

By default, the chat box can be opened by pressing the T key. This can be changed by going into the Options menu in Minecraft, and then the Controls menu.

Chatting[edit | edit source]

Once you press T, an empty text line will open at the bottom of the screen (see example in screenshot below).

Example Chat

Enter some text and press enter, and this message will be sent to those players around you.

Commands[edit | edit source]

Commands are sent to the server using the chat box as well. Most commands are prefixed with / (forward slash).

For example, to see a list of common commands, press T to open the chat box, type in /help, and hit enter.

Many of the commands on this server have multiple pages associated with them. When you enter /help, you see the first help page (it should tell you how many pages are available. To see the second page, enter /help 2. The third page would be /help 3, etc.

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