Intro[edit | edit source]

Any player can setup a shop to sell and/or buy items. A "shop" is considered a single chest where 1 item is sold. Players can build a building that contains multiple chests or shops.

Create a shop[edit | edit source]

To create a shop, you will need a chest, a sign, and the item you want to sell.

  1. Place a chest up against a wall that is at least 2 blocks high
  2. Fill the chest with the item you want to sell
    1. You can only sell one type of item per chest.
    2. To sell multiple items, you need multiple chests
  3. Place a sign directly above the chest
  4. Fill in the following information on the sign:
    2. Line #2: The quantity (the number of items to sell/buy)
    3. Line #3: Buy Price:Sell Price
    4. Line #4: The name (or code) of the item
  5. When you click "Done", the shop should be created.

Sign template

Example[edit | edit source]


This will let people buy 3 blocks of dirt for $50, or sell 56 blocks of dirt to you for $0.22

To only buy items, and not sell items back, you can fill in a zero for the sell price:


Just give it a try!

Details[edit | edit source]

  • MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THE FIRST LINE BLANK - The shop will automatically fill in your username on the first line for you.
  • To adjust the price or quantity, you need to destroy the sign, and re-place it.
  • If you don't know the name of an item, you can also fill in the data value number

Video Example[edit | edit source]


Iconomy chest shop tutorial

Here is an example video on youtube that shows how to create a shop.

More Info[edit | edit source]

For more information, see the ChestShop Plugin page.

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